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Valve and other Energy Equipment

Valvitalia Group
Valvitalia Group is an Italian manufacturer of valves and other energy equipment. Italy, historically, has been the Country with the largest number of manufacturers in this fields and it has always provided excellent engineering services. Long experienced management, quality, performance, availability of large inventory and full dedication to the customer’s satisfaction differentiate VALVITALIA from the competition.


  • Side Entry Ball Valves from 2″ up to 60″
  • Top Entry Ball Valves from 1/2″ up to 60″
  • Fully Welded Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Plug Valves, High Performance Butterfly Valves, Ball Control Valves, Globe Control Valves, Special Cage Control Valves

Other Products

  • Pig Launching and Receiving Traps
  • Gas Pressure Regulators from 1″ to 12″
  • Fittings – Long & Short Radius Elbows, Straight & Reduced Tees, Barred, Lateral & Sphere Tees, 3D & 5D Bends, Caps, Y Pieces, Crosses, Eccentric & Concentric Reducers Flanges – Welding & Long Welding Neck, Blind, Socket Welding, Threaded, Spectacles, Spade & Spacers, Slip-on, Lap Joint, Orifice, Swivel Ring, Anchor & Welding Nozzle